The Jon Rauhouse Sestet has a new single out…

Who: the Jon Rauhouse Sestet featuring
Rachel Flotard: singing
Jon Rauhouse: pedal steel guitar
Tommy Connell: guitar
Kevin O’Donnell: drums
Will Lovell: bass
Jeff Livingston: piano
Jacob Valenzuela: trumpet

What: release of the single “Witchcraft” on Itunes

When: Dec 1, 2010

Where: the World

Why: because it is awesome

Get it today and pass it on


2 thoughts on “Witchcraft”

  1. Mike avatar Laramie Bobar says:

    Hey Now,
    I was blown away standing in front you at the higher ground in burlington vt. I was the guy that shook your hand at the end of the show. I also caught the lyndonville show and north hampton, and made a trhee hour drive in a storm to woodstock before learning it was postponed. Cant wait to listen to “your” stuff. I would now but at work and not allowed to download here …hospital policy. Anyway thanks for the great music all of you are awsome! I got a real family type feel and of course Neko …well what can I say, toungue tied man.



  2. Mike avatar Laramie Bobar says:

    Wicked good song. Not what I was expecting but loved it just the same. I was suprised how subtle the pedal was. I need to hear on a real sound system. My computer isnt worthy. Would love to see you all live…come the northeast sometime.



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