Site update

You may have noticed that the site has a slightly different look to it, things added here and there – such as the search facility and the odd star around.

I’ve tested it out before going live with a couple of operating systems (Windows based) and most of the main browsers that people use to view this particular site. All the latest versions of the up to date good browsers – Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Opera – I’ve also checked it out with Internet Explorer (IE) 5,6,7,8 & 9.

As per usual certain things that work perfectly with the former set of browsers don’t quite pan out with IE but in general everything should be readable and usable. But if there’s something not working for you – and you aren’t using the really old Internet Explorers 5,5.5,6 or 7 – contact me through the form you can find from the “Contact/Booking” link on the left. Choose “Toxic Web – webmaster” from the “Recipient:” drop down list. Please include your details about your browser and operating system in the mail. You can find this info on the “About Site” page.

Toxic Web.


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