Steel Guitar Heart Attack

Details, track listing etc have been posted about Jon’s new album “Steel Guitar Heart Attack” in the “On Disc” section of the site.

Along with an full track MP3 download taster of the new disc in the form of “Ballad of the Black Chihuahua” to whet your appetite, for March 13th when it’s released.

Also up are some more tour dates for parts of March & April.


2 thoughts on “Steel Guitar Heart Attack”

  1. Mike avatar Gavin says:

    Sweet, some more steel guitar music! I think it’s only a matter of time untiI Jon is playing the G3 concerts. Gotta say I’d pay a lot to see him jam with Steve Vai. Anyway, I am blown away o learn that the Andy Griffith theme song has lyrics. Now, are they real lyrics or did Jon make them up? Because I would.

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