Jon Rauhouse Orchestra - He's Stuck In The Chimney Again

Top Tune of the Week – He’s Stuck In The Chimney Again

From Notable Music…

This week we offer up our favorite “new” holiday tune with a powerful pedigree.

We’re thrilled to feature this week a newly recorded version, the first since 1966, by one of our favorite instrumentalists in the land; Jon Rauhouse and his Orchestra ft. Rachel Flotard. Jon is a solo artist and a longtime member of Neko Case’s band who can be heard on guitar, pedal steel, and trombone on Neko’s Grammy-nominated albums as well as projects by Jakob Dylan, Kelly Hogan, Howe Gelb, and Billy Bob Thornton. Singer Rachel Flotard (front woman, guitarist and songwriter of critically acclaimed power punk trio, Visqueen) along with Tommy Connell on guitar, Nick Luca on piano, John Marston on bass and Matthew Watkins on drums, bring a huge dose of holiday cheer. Notable Music

Available now on iTunes.


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