Neko Case Newport Festival MP3 download

If you didn’t manage to get along to the Newport Festival this last Sunday (August 2nd) then you missed Neko Case’s set on the Fort Stage at Folk Festival 50.

But no worries you can download or stream the full thing free and legal at NPR.

Set list:

  1. “Things That Scare Me”
  2. “Sparrow”
  3. “People Got a Lotta Nerve”
  4. “Fever”
  5. “Animal”
  6. “Teenage Feeling”
  7. “Hold On, Hold On”
  8. “Middle Cyclone”
  9. “Pharaohs”
  10. “Tigers”
  11. “Wish I Was the Moon”
  12. “Polar Nettles”
  13. “Red Tide”
  14. “Don’t Forget Me”
  15. “This Tornado Loves You”
  16. “Vengeance”
  17. (Band Intros)
  18. Encore: “Train From KC”

Great set of great songs so get along to NPR and download it now 😎


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