Jon Rauhouse Sestet Tour Dates

Dates are up on the “On Tour” page for the Jon Rauhouse Sestet July 08 tour, which goes up the West coast of the US.

The line up for the Sestet is

Jon Rauhouse – Steel Guitar
Tommy Connell – Guitar
Rachel Flotard – Vocalist
Kevin O’Donnell – Drums
Will Lovell – Bass
Jeff Livingston – Piano / Guitar

More dates may be added later, so if you are on the West coast of the US catch some great music.

They will also be appearing in Chicago later in the year at the Hideout Block Party.


2 thoughts on “Jon Rauhouse Sestet Tour Dates”

  1. Mike avatar hugo says:

    In serious withdrawal since your last visit to California with Neko, so I am looking forward to the show at Cafe Du Nord. Thanks!

  2. Mike avatar st vincent says:


    I saw you and the Sestet play at Duff’s Garage in Portland, Oregon in July… the best show I’ve seen this year, bar none! The musicianship of everyone in the band was something to see, but more importantly, you all put on a great and memorable show. You all were clearly having a great time on stage and it was infectious. I can scarcely remember being in a better mood after a show as I was after yours!

    In a town filled with angsty whiner musicians and depressed singer-songwriters, it sure was damned refreshing to hear happy, catchy melodies and see players with smiles on their faces.

    I love seeing a band that knows how to do their arrangements so everyone can be heard… WAY too rare these days. Your mix was close to perfect… I always bring earplugs to compensate for overboosted PAs, but I never once reached for them the whole evening… I can’t even tell you how cool that was!

    “Powerhouse” was KILLER… it still makes me grin to think of it!

    Thanks again for coming to Portland, Jon! I will be rounding up everyone I know to see you again on your return… happy trails and travel well.


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