New recording

Jon has given his services and new track for the The Voices and Faces Project.

The Voices and Faces Project is a national non-profit initiative that gives face and voice to survivors of sexual violence.

Their website has received over 10 million hits since January 2005. The website and oral history approach is the first of its kind in trying to educate a wider audience about sexual violence and the wide span of its victims.

Presto & Burn and Shiver records are proud to be involved in the release of the “Voices and Faces Vol. 1” benefit CD in stores October 3rd!

The record features:
Neko Case, Joseph Arthur, Jesse Sykes, Kelly Hogan, Nora ‘O Connor, Michelle Anthony, Martha Berner, David Garza, The New Pornorgraphers, Sally Timms, among others, and yours truly Jon Rauhouse w/ help from Tommy Connell & Joey Burns.

Jon plays Hawaiian Guitar on the track, he wrote, “She Lives Alone” along with Tommy Connell on Guitar, and Joey Burns of Calexico on Cello.


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