He used to be camera shy did Jon.

SxSW 2006 Hootenanny

I remember back in ’99 trying to take a photo of Jon when he worked at “The Roberto Venn School of Lutiery” and I couldn’t believe the speed at which he made his exit from the room.

But he seems happier now to have his pic taken and posted on the web. He’s found one of him playing with Billy Bragg at SxSW 06 (right). Thanks to “Tadd” Poles Gallery, click the image for a much bigger version.

Unsure Shot also has some pics of Jon on their flickr page from a recent show with Neko. (Don’t know what they mean about “weird official site” through).

Also Alex Mayer has a good shot of Jon’s band back in 2004 at the Fillmore.


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