Gear pics

Some new pics of Jon’s gear has been added.

Big pics of his Gibson Falcon amplifier, Slingerland Arch-top guitar, Fender Princeton Silverface amp and Gibson Reverb III.

Click the Gear link on the left.


4 thoughts on “Gear pics”

  1. Mike avatar gdh says:

    Ah, that explains why there are only thumbnails as well. I’m still confused as to why Jon’s E9 3+4 sounds so much better than mine, though.:wink: For an E9 player, he surely and admirably gets his C6 on.
    Thanks for the reply!

  2. Mike avatar Chris says:

    Hey Jon;
    Congrats on the records! When ya get back to Phoenix, give me a call, we’ll have a Fresca. Speedway went to 19, thanks for the great tracks.

    Chris House, Ignitors 🙂

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