Jon's Gear: Reuter Acoustic Lap Slide Guitar

This 10-minute video tells the story of an instrument’s conception and build, gives the viewer a taste of the instrument’s sweet sound, and shows us a glimpse into a longterm relationship between players, luthiers, and friends… Guitar Making & Repair – A Creative Vocation.

Jon Rauhouse (Neko Case, Billy Bob Thorton’s Boxmasters, Jakob Dylan, and many more) was cleaning out a closet and came across some old photos of John Reuter (Director of Training at Roberto-Venn, The Noodles) making his Hawaiian lap slide guitar. Rauhouse called up John Lippi (Media Director at Roberto-Venn, Juano Lippi Band) to see if he’d want to make a mini-doc about the instrument, and its connection to the Weissenborn style lap-steel guitars.


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