Hawaiian Guitar Expedition

Hawaiian Guitar Expedition
Hawaiian Guitar Expedition

It’s becoming apparent: if you sing and have any amount of musical taste, you’ll probably want Jon Rauhouse backing you up on guitar. Which begs the question: does this guy ever slow down? The answer is apparently not.

“Hawaiian Guitar Expedition” is what happens when Rauhouse decides to take a “vacation.” Shirking the aforementioned responsibilities, holed up in a tiny cabin on the Northwest corner of Washington State and goofing off with some music pals, the guitar maestro puts a proverbial grass skirt around a half-dozen new instrumentals. From the John Fahey-goes-to-a-luau inspired “Dusty Canal” to the introspective “Jen’s Tenor,” to the otherworldly “Sweet for Hawaiian Guitar & Saw,” this is music-making at its finest. Rauhouse flavors the rest of this disc with some of his best-loved tracks from his solo recordings. The result? Pure instrumental bliss. No, not the John Tesh/Zamfir kind, the good, pass-me-a-mai-tai kind.
Jason Verlinde of Seattle

Track List

  1. Million Dollar Mermaid
  2. Dusty Canal
  3. Hula Blues
  4. Jen’s Tenor
  5. Homie’s Parade
  6. Sweet for Hawaiian Guitar & Saw
  7. Hamma Hamma Hula
  8. Swingin’ Elephant Graveyard
  9. Blue Grouse
  10. Moa Lei’ a ‘i
  11. Desert Luau
  12. Aloha’oe


  • Frank Judge – voice on “Million Dollar Mermaid”.
  • Jon Rauhouse – Hawaiian guitar on all songs, vocal on 3, tenor guitar on 4, archtop guitar on 6 & 9, tiple & uke on 12.
  • Tommy Connell – Guitar on 1,3,5,8 & Tenor guitar on 7,10, vocal on 3.
  • Norm Pratt – Guitar on “Dusty Canal”.
  • Jason Verlinde – Saw on “Sweet for Hawaiian Guitar & Saw”.
  • Jennifer Rauhouse – Banjo on “Blue Grouse”.
  • Will Lovell – Bass on “Hamma Hamma Hula” & “Moa Lei’ a ‘i”.
  • Bill Herzog – Bass & drums on “Sweet for Hawaiian Guitar & Saw”.
  • Craig Schumacher – Vocal on “Hula Blues”.
  • John Convertino – Drums on “Homie’s Parade”.
  • All tracks written by Jon Rauhouse except
  • 5 & 8 – written by Jon Rauhouse & Tommy Connell.
  • 3 – written by S. Cumba & A. Noble.
  • 12 – written by Queen Liluokalani.


  • Tracks 4,6,9,11 – Recorded at The Shrine, Lilliwaup, WA.
  • Tracks 1,3,5 – Recorded at Wavelab, Tuscon AZ.
  • Track 2 – Recorded at The Adobe, Cave Creek, AZ.
  • Track 12 – Recorded at Bluesky, Tempe, AZ.
  • Tracks 7,8,10 – Recorded at The Shrine, Phoenix, AZ.
  • Mastered by Mike Hagler at Kingsize, Chicago, IL.


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